How do I delete text messages on iPhone permanently?

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asked Mar 24, 2018 in iPhone by Charles

Please help me! I need to sell my iPhone 6, but there are many personal text messages stored in my iPhone. I have deleted all of the text messages but I have heard that deleted text messages can be recovered with the help of some iOS data recovery.

I am worried if someone can get my personal information when I sell my iPhone.

So, please help me? How can I delete text messages permanently from my  iPhone 6 before selling.

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answered Mar 24, 2018 by Henryrice (1,420 points)

It is very true that after deleting the text messages from iPhone, the text messages does not get deleted permanently. One can easily recover those messages from your iPhone with the help of suitable iOS Data Recovery program.

However if you want to delete your messages permanently from your iPhone 6 then you should use iOS Data Eraser, it will help you to easily delete all messages from iPhone. After using this software, all the text messages will be deleted permanently.

Here Find out step by step guide on how to delete text messages permanently from iPhone.

Bonus benefits:

It will delete all data from your device such as your photos, videos, contacts, browsing history, audio, call history and more.

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