How Can I Clear iMessages on iPhone?

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asked Apr 4, 2018 in iOS Tips by Jade

Well my iPhone iMessage usage is now more than 900 MB, how can I remove all the data from my phone? I was looking for the option of “Clear Cache”, but there is no such option in the iPhone - settings>general>usage>….

So, please help me to clear iMessage cache on my iPhone.

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answered Apr 4, 2018 by Henryrice (1,420 points)

Hi Jade,

There are two simple ways to clear iMessage cache from iPhone.

Just check out them below:

Way 1: By Using iBackupbot

  • First of all you must take backup of your iPhone to avoid any other data loss on your device. You can backup your iPhone to iTunes. (Connect your iPhone to PC/Mac and slect your device and click on Backup Now)
  • Now download and install iBackupbot and launch it.
  • From the sidepane, go to System Files > Mediadomain > Library > SMS > Attachments
  • Now in the Attachments the entire folders are your Message cache that contains all photos, videos and media that you received or sent.
  • Now delete all the folders.
  • At last click on ‘Restore” so your phone is now restored to this backup.

However, the process doesn’t end here. If you have any iCloud backup, then you have to delete that too as well. Go to Settings> iCloud> Storage & Backup and delete any backup that exists. You can create a new backup.

Way 2: By Using iOS Data Eraser

The second and easier method to delete iMessage cache is to use iOS Data Eraser Tool. It will also help you to delete other data as well form your iOS device permanently. Hence, it is suggested that you must always first backup your iPhone and then apply this tool.

Here find out the tutorial how this iPhone Data Eraser work to delete iMessage cache and other files permanently from phone.

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