How to delete facebook messages on iPhone?

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asked Apr 4 in iOS Tips by Jaxon

I can’t delete facebook inbox messages from my iPhone even though they have been deleted on my computer.

Does anyone know the solution to delete facebook messages from my iPhone?

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answered Apr 4 by John (1,340 points)

There are various ways to delete facebook messages on iPhone or on other iOS devices such as iPad and iPod Touch.

Here find out the solutions:

Solution 1:

If you have unknowingly set your device on “Keep messages forever” then you will not be able to messages o your iPhone.

Below find out how to disable this setting and delete messages.

  • On your iPhone go to Settings> scroll down to Messages> click on Message History> scroll down and click on Keep Message.
  • Now select from the 3 options such as: 30 days, 1 year or forever.

delete facebook mesages on iPhone

  • Accept the notification that you want to delete all messages.
  • Finally confirm your request by tapping on “Delete”.

Solution 2: Delete Facebook Messages and File

  • On your iPhone open Facebook messenger app.
  • Open the conversation of particular person.
  • Click and hold the messages that you wish to delete.
  • Finally tap on Delete.

delete facebook messages from inbox on iPhone

Solution 3: Deleting Facebook Conversations

  • On your iPhone open Facebook messenger app.
  • View the conversations. Swipe left across the conversation that you wish to delete.
  • Finally click on “Delete

delete facebook messenger conversation on iPhone

Solution 4: Permanently Erase Facebook Messages from iPhone

Use third-party iOS Data Eraser software - this is one of the 100% percent working solution that will erase all Facebook messages and other data from the iPhone.

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