How Do I Delete Podcasts on iPhone To Free Up Space?

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asked Apr 14, 2018 in iOS Device Issues by Benjamin
edited Apr 14, 2018

I listen to lots of podcasts (30 subscriptions). I noticed that since I upgraded my iPhone Podcast app is consuming lots of space. It should not happen because I download the latest episode and delete all played episodes.

Right now as I can see that Podcats app is consuming 1.5 G, but there is only 302 MB worth of data (episodes). And the rest, the app is using 1.2GB of “Documents & Data”. That’s weird!

Has anybody seen this before? How I Can clear those space consumed by Podcast apps so that I can free up some space on my iPhone.

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answered Apr 14, 2018 by John (1,340 points)

There are many users like you, facing the same kind of issues. Nevertheless, here I provide some tips that will help you to delete podcasts from podcasts app on iPhone taking up lots of space.

There are two methods to delete Podcasts on iPhone:

Method 1:

  • On your iPhone, launch Podcasts app.
  • Now go to My Podcasts section, tap on Podcasts Series.
  • Now look for podcasts that you want to delete and then Swipe it to left.
  • You will see the red delete button. Simply tap on Delete button.
delete podcasts from iPhone

Method 2:

Well, the solution for your question lies in method 2. You can delete the space consumed by “Documents and Data” in the podcasts app.

So, here follow the steps:

  • On your iPhone go to Settings> General > Storage & iCloud Usage".
  • Select Podcasts app and the find the podcasts that you want to delete. In your case select “Documents & Data” to delete the space occupied it.
  • Finally, swipe it to left and tap on Delete button.
How to delete podcasts from iPhone to free up space
I hope the above solution might have helped you.
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