Can anyone tell me where the lock screen camera button in iOS 10 is?

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asked May 5, 2017 in General Discussions by Jacob
Hi, I have recently upgraded my iPhone 6 to the latest version of iOS 10.  After upgrading I am not able to get the camera option on my phone. Can anyone help me to find the camera option on my iPhone 6 as I am unable to get the option?

1 Answer

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answered May 5, 2017 by francesreid (820 points)
This is the problem with many iPhone users. However if you want the camera option then you have to swipe left of your iPhone screen. Previously, the camera button was located on lower right corner of the screen when it was iOS 9, but after the update of iOS 10, this has changed from right to left. You have to just notice the sign where you can get the option of camera
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